About Meditation

Basic Principles of The Method

The Way to Find the True Self

The meditation’s method is essentially eliminating the false mind; it is ground breaking and unique in that it is possible to completely eliminate all of one’s false human minds using the method.

The True World & The False World 

People make their own mind worlds by storing their memories as images, and live trapped inside these self-made worlds; this causes stress, overthinking and often a great deal of pain and suffering. Moreover, they believe these worlds to be the real world, because the images or concepts they have taken of everything they have seen, heard, and experienced perfectly overlap the real world.

The False World Overlaps the True World

The reason we are unsatisfied with our lives and there are moments when we feel our lives are meaningless, is we do not live in the real world but in the false world we have each made. This self-made world is called the illusionary world or the picture world because it does not actually exist.

Necessity to Escape the False Mind World

In order to escape from the illusionary world, we must discard the illusionary pictures we have taken as well as our very selves constructed with these illusions. When this happens, it is possible to live in the real world, and know true happiness, great liberation, and coexistence.

The 7 Levels – Discarding(cleansing) Karma (life lived)

Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts
Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself
Level 3: Throwing away the body of my self
Level 4: Throwing away the body of my self and the universe
Level 5: Throwing away the body of my self and the universe
Level 6: My self disappears and Become the universe
Level 7: Eliminating my negative mind, the life lived and the thoughts

Eliminating(cleansing) Habits & Body